Elect Richard Kerr

"The recommendation of people we know holds more water than the words of the candidate we don't."

"Rick Kerr was a long-standing, excellent faculty member at Durham College and undoubtedly will bring the same level of integrity, enthusiasm and accountability as an Oshawa City and Regional Councillor."
- Dr. Gary Polonsky, President Emeritus of Durham College and UOIT

"I have known Rick for over 30 years. He is an honest, common-sense, solutions-oriented person who is quick with a smile, a kind word and a helping hand. He will serve Oshawa residents very well and to the best of his ability. I heartily endorse his candidacy for City and Regional Councillor."
- Mike Armstrong, Oshawa lawyer and former City and Regional Councillor

"I have personally known Rick for around 30 years and it is with great pleasure that I endorse him and his campaign to run for City and Regional Councillor. Rick will bring experience from many aspects of his life in order to help the taxpayers of Oshawa. He has extensive experience with the Police Force and taught for 19 years in the School of Justice at Durham College. In addition, he is a team player exemplified by winning at world-level sports events. Rick is an accomplished actor and director and a strong supporter of the arts. He is a dedicated family man and brings a sense of civic commitment and integrity that Toronto politicians will envy!"
- Dr. Kevin McAllister, Chiropractor, Oshawa

"Charlie Marlow, Chartered Accountant, Partner: Roberts, Marlow, Jackson, Jackson and Associates, Oshawa"
- CFO for the Rick Kerr Campaign

"Rick Kerr’s first term on City Council affirmed what I like best about the diversity Oshawa is developing. Oshawa’s talents are numerous and varied, and in many ways, Rick’s work over the past 4 years has enriched our city, drawing on a lifetime of passionate athletic, musical and theatrical interests to envision how to build a prosperous community while keeping the bottom line in sight. Many years of working with Rick on community theatre productions at Durham Shoestring Performers have convinced me that his brand of respectful, results-oriented teamwork and leadership deserve my vote."
- Carolyn Wilson, Artistic Director, Durham Shoestring Performers

"I have considered Rick Kerr a friend and colleague for 24 years. During that period we have collaborated on many projects both professional and personal. In every instance I have found Rick to be honest, straight forward, brings an objective, positive voice to every issue, but most importantly is a man with unquestioned integrity. Rick is exactly what Oshawa City Council needs during this pivotal time. I have no reservation whatsoever in asking you to vote for Rick Kerr."
- Rocky Varcoe, Entrepreneur Businessman

"Rick reached out to me two years ago to participate in The Cycle: Hope and The Cycle: Courage which were two multicultural, multi-genre art expositions he created to promote Oshawa art of all forms. HIV educational messaging to the public is challenging, as it is a topic many do not wish think about, much less discuss. Rick offered a prominent space for our creative, artistic display of a stylized forest with the "leaves" being the stories of people living with HIV. The result was we reached a far broader audience than usual. For those in attendance, we were able to share HIV information as well as exciting new treatment and prevention developments all within a beautiful expression of both Hope and Courage. These two events provided opportunities for us to dispel myths and misinformation which feed stigma associated with this virus. Rick’s work and involvement with our Education Services has proven he cares and shows his dedication to a better informed, healthier Oshawa and region. These are qualities I believe are needed in our elected officials."
- Mark Hammann, Manager of Education Services at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region

"I was Rick Kerr’s office mate at Durham College in the School of Justice. I witnessed Professor Rick work hard at serving students by giving individual attention to any of their concerns. Each student was always met with a greeting and the name of that student as he made a point of knowing every student’s name - and there were about 200 each semester. This type of service and hard work is exemplified in his career on the community stage as an actor, producer, director and singer/entertainer and in his commitment to his dragon boat team that has consistently won world-wide. He has always demonstrated his best effort at achieving excellence. In summary, I know that Rick will serve the citizens of Oshawa with a full effort in an honest, caring and professional way. He is well organized and prepared to serve as a leader in the community. "
- Ted Dionne, retired staff sergeant DRPS, retired Durham College professor

As a concerned downtown resident, I have worked with Rick Kerr on numerous initiatives (Keepers Project, Pepper Patch Community Garden, Berry Patch paint project, Painting of Union Hall, upcoming Repair Cafe) to improve our city and build community. He has always been approachable, responsive, interested, and supportive. One of Rick's great strengths is bringing people and groups together for the common good. Rick treats each person with respect and dignity. His enthusiasm and energy is unbounded, but always directed carefully and thoughtfully. I greatly value his contribution to our city and very happily and willingly endorse his 2018 run for City/Regional Councillor.
- Sandra Thomas, Retired School Teacher, Community Builder

I met Rick Kerr through my involvement in The Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame as a board member. It quickly became obvious to me that Rick took his position on the board seriously as indicated by him stepping up to take control of several projects that we were dealing with. In each case he worked enthusiastically and professionally to achieve a successful conclusion!!! Rick Kerr is genuinely concerned about the future of Oshawa. His skill set is exactly what the citizens of Oshawa need in order to continue to make Oshawa a great place to live and work!!!
- Alan Densham, President of The Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame