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Rick Kerr – Campaign and Council conduct

I dislike “attack ads”. They have no place in Canadian election campaigns. I think most Canadians agree with me. In debates I never try to win a point at the personal expense of my opponent. Whenever possible, I directly answer every question. Where I am uncertain of a factual response I will say so and will get back to you with one, or I will advise you of where you can get your best answer. A Councillor should listen to all sides of an issue without bias and should make informed decisions based on all available facts.

Rick Kerr – Why I am running for City and Regional Councillor

My four years as a City Councillor have enabled me to continue doing what I loved to do when I was a Durham College professor: to help people and to make a difference in my community. If you examine my record of accomplishments, I think you will see I have done a lot of that; however, I found that there were gaps in accessibility to information, knowledge, and Regional Staff contacts on a familiar basis which, had I known, would have made many projects easier and faster to accomplish. There are things which I want to accomplish in the next four years which being a City and Regional Councillor will make much easier.

Rick Kerr – Who I am and what I stand for

I taught ethics in the Police Foundations program at Durham College for 10 years. Being ethical means, “It’s not what you do when people are watching; it’s what you do when they’re not.” My father was with CIBC for 46 years. I grew up with financial accountability. My wife and I own our own home and have no personal debt. I do not like to see taxpayers’ hard-earned money being overspent, and I will work tirelessly to ensure we are getting the fullest value for our tax dollars. I live my life by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe any new policy, procedure, or by-law should follow “The Harm Principle”: Will this action cause harm or potential harm to others? If so, either don’t do it or find an alternative that doesn’t.

Community Involvement

Over the past 35 years, Rick Kerr has been a huge supporter of the arts, sports and community in Durham Region. Find out more...

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